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Published 13.05.2020
It's time to introduce NCE Media's new interns – Vilde and Marianne!

For the third year in a row, NCE Media's has the pleasure of announcing two new interns. Vilde Marie Børnes and Marianne Fjellhaug are currently studying for a master's degree in Innovation and Management at the Western Norway University of Applied Science (HVL). As part of their degree they are spending 8 weeks with NCE Media to learn more about the Media Cluster, and getting involved in our projects. Because of the ongoing pandemic physical meetings are of course limited, but through video conferencing and digital meetings they have already met with several of our members. 

Currently in their fifth week, Vilde and Marianne have covered a lot of ground. They are gaining valuable insight through interviews with our startups, which not only will help us evaluate and improve our services, but which in turn will also benefit the startup companies in the Cluster. The interns are also helping out with communication, improving digital signage, creating marketing plans, promoting upcoming webinars in our digital channels, and so on.  

Vilde Marie Børnes
[email protected]

My name is Vilde Marie Børnes. I am a 23-year old woman from Bergen. Beside my studies, I have worked part time in the health sector for two years. In this position I had a lot of responsibility and worked both independently and in teams. I have also worked as a Barista in a cafè in the city center of Bergen. Here I got to practice my communication skills along with customer service. These job experiences has taught me to work effectively in high pressure environments, both independently and in cooperation with others. In my spare time I like training, skiing and hiking. My interest in travel and training brought me abroad to study for a personal trainer's degree. I also spend a lot of time with friends and family. 

Marianne Fjellhaug
[email protected]

My name is Marianne Fjellhaug. I am a 25-year old woman from Sotra, an island just outside of Bergen. Next to the studies at HVL I am an administrative assistant at NOV Tuboscope Norway, as well as I work with social media and graphical design on a project basis for Hydraulic Production & Services AS. I am also a member of the student organization Start Bergen. This is an organization that works with innovation and entrepreneurship among students in Bergen. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, as well as spending time in nature and travel.

What's your background?
Vilde has a bachelor's degree in Work and Organizational Psychology from the University of Bergen. This background has taught her about the dynamics between people in organizations, as well as the underlying factors to why people behave in certain ways. Her favorite courses was leadership, and social- and cognitive psychology. She wrote her bachelor's degree about autonomy as a moderating effect on the relationship between transformational leadership and work engagement.

Marianne has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and sales management from Kristiania University College, in addition she has studied courses in economics and graphical design. The combination of the different fields of study has given me an ability to utilize these fields for the benefit of each other. Her favorite course on Kristiania was Change management and innovation. She wrote her bachelor thesis on this topic and it was the reason she decided to take this master’s degree.  

Both Vilde and Marianne are studying for a master’s degree in Innovation and Management at The Western Norway University of Applied Science (HVL). The master`s degree in Innovation and Management has covered subjects about innovation, digitalization and technological management. We are now grateful to have the opportunity to practice what we have already learned, as well as engaging in new exciting projects and activities.

Why did you apply for an internship at NCE Media?
Through our master's program, we have learned about the importance of collaboration between companies to be innovative. In the Media Cluster, you work closely with people from different fields of expertise and with diversified competence. We want to learn more about how people work together to create new or improve existing products and services.

We are interested in both the media and the tech industry. Because of the high innovation rate within the members of the cluster, the internship at NCE Media seemed like a great place to develop our capacities within innovation. The world is constantly changing, in terms of digitization and digital disruption. This provides both challenges and opportunities, also in the media and tech industry. It will be exciting to learn more about how the Media Cluster operates in these ever-changing environments. We believe this 8 week internship will be an exciting and educational challenge. 

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