Meet our new interns

Published 30.08.2021
We are happy to welcome NCE Media's new interns, Maria and Andreas! For the next seven weeks, they will get to know the cluster organization and our members.

NCE Media has the pleasure of introducing you to our two new interns; Maria Krakus and Andreas Kolseth. They are currently studying for a master's degree in Business, with a major in Leadership and Change at BI Norwegian Business School, campus Bergen. As part of their degree, they're having an eight-week internship here at Media City Bergen. Here they'll get to know the Media Cluster, our projects, our cluster members, and how the members collaborate to boost innovation in the media industry.

Andreas Kolseth


My name is Andreas Kolseth. I am 23 years old, and I come from a small eastern city called Brumunddal. Over the last four years, I have lived in Bergen, except for six months where I studied abroad in Brisbane. Besides my studies, I have worked part-time at Sport1 and as a customer advisor at Sparebank1 Østlandet. In both of these jobs, my main tasks have been customer-related, which have given me a lot of experience with service and customer care. When not working or studying, I enjoy traveling, being social, and working out.




Maria Krakus 


My name is Maria Krakus, and I am 25 years old. I come from Sandvoll, a small place in Kvinnherad, but I was born in Poland. I moved to Bergen five years ago to first study psychology for one year, changing the course afterward to economics.

Besides my studies, I have had multiple part-time jobs in sales, the health sector, and the restaurant industry. For the last two years, I have been working at a bakery in the city center of Bergen. There, I had to learn to work effectively in a hectic environment, cooperate well with others and tackle big changes. My responsibilities have increased through the last year, including training new employees, administrative work, and assisting the manager. In my free time, I enjoy being with friends and family, as well as working out and spending time in nature.


What’s your background?

Both Andreas and Maria have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Western Norway University of Applied sciences. Andreas did a specialization in innovation and change, and his favorite subjects included operational accounting, management of projects, and brand management. He wrote his bachelor's thesis about the impact digitalization has had on a group of banking employees’ workday in a savings bank in Vestland county. Maria did a specialization in logistics and her favorite subjects included ethics, supply chain management, social psychology, and law. She wrote her bachelor’s thesis about Lean and Respect for People in cooperation with a company based in Bergen.

They are currently students on the MSc. programme in Business, with a major in Leadership and Change at BI. During the first year, the master’s degree has already covered subjects within innovation, leadership, and change management, as well as mathematics and an introduction to data analytics. An internship over 8 weeks is a part of the programme, and they both see it as a great opportunity to learn in practice and gain valuable experience.


Why did you apply for an internship at NCE Media?

We find the media industry very interesting, as it is a dynamic industry with constantly evolving technology. Throughout our studies, we have gained insight into how important cooperation and innovation are in order to succeed in a constantly changing world. As the Media Cluster is a world leader in media technology with over 100 members, it seemed like the perfect place to learn more about how people from different backgrounds and companies work together to develop new ideas.

We look forward to experiencing how theory actually works in practice; hence we perceive this internship as the perfect opportunity to learn and participate in projects in an innovative environment. We are also excited to work and connect with talented people from different companies. These eight weeks will be a valuable educational challenge and we feel lucky to be given this opportunity.