7 Questions Between 7 Mountains

Published 05.08.2020
During the aftermath of Covid-19’s effect on the media industry, Myreze explored ways to expand on its range of virtual services and created a platform for a series of shows aimed to start an inspiring conversation together with Bergen’s most successful creatives.

In a world that moves as quickly as the one we live in today, people want an experience that gets straight to the point. This is where Myreze saw an opportunity to introduce the world to exactly that when concepting for a talk show with the theme being Bergen itself, a city alive with activity and one that is among the most creative hubs in Norway with countless musicians, artists and creative pioneers originating here.

7 Questions Between 7 Mountains is the brand new talk show from Myreze that features a successful Bergen-based guest every week to take part in a quick-fire round of seven questions that uncovers what makes them tick and how they got to where they are today.

These conversations take place in a beautiful virtual studio environment and hosted on social media platforms, allowing for viewers to send in their questions directly following the announcement of the next episode’s guest, as well as helpful feedback to improve the show.

Sitting comfortably upon a mountain peak and surrounded by beautiful Norwegian nature, the 7 Questions Between 7 Mountains virtual studio serves as the perfect setting for a fast but focused discussion on the creative advancements in Bergen - with the people responsible for the city’s rise to the international stage.

Large windows span the entire length of the room for a full view of the studio’s surroundings and allows natural daylight to flood the space and reveal the relaxed interior. Here, the host - Eirik Odeen launches a round of questions to find out more about each guest’s work process and how the city of Bergen has affected their lives.

Episode #1 - Björn Myreze 

The guest of 7 Questions Between 7 Mountains' first episode was the perfect person to introduce this show to the world, and the man behind it all - Myreze CEO: Björn Myreze. This discussion gave an inspiring insight into his career beginnings, from his early start in the media industry to his vision for the creative branding and virtual production company known today as Myreze.

Episode #2 - Fredrik Saroea

The second episode featured the incredible Fredrik Saroea, the lead singer of one of Norway’s most accomplished bands - Datarock, for an extended edition of 7 Questions Between 7 Mountains that spanned a wide range of topics from his musical beginnings to his role in the largest advertising campaign in history. After touring around the world and headlining at some of the world’s largest festivals, Fredrik still has a grounded footing in Bergen’s culture and detailed what the city means to him and how it has inspired him in his career.

The concept of 7 Questions Between 7 Mountains came fresh off the development of Myreze’s Virtual Conferencing, and is the latest output in a string of forward-thinking projects created to take advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic by showing what could be done with minimal staff and a small budget.

Adapting to change is an integral part of the media landscape and Myreze sees this change as an opportunity to focus on increasing the availability of virtual productions and so launched a hosting service named ‘Virtual Conferencing’ - aimed at fully utilizing virtual technology across multiple mediums such as events and commercials.

After the launch of Virtual Conferencing, the concept of a fast paced talk show set in a virtual environment was the perfect addition to Myreze’s expansion into virtual production. And as new inspiring guests come to share their stories every week, Myreze aims to push the boundaries of technology to help those stories better inspire you.

Bergen is a hidden gem. It is a city filled with incredible talents across multiple industries. We want to house a fast and fun conversation with those local talents and delve deeper into who they are, how they got where they are, and their plans for the future of their industry through only 7 questions.
- Bjørn Myreze, CEO Myreze.

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