Olav Sandnes is the Media Cluster Ambassador of the Year

Published 17.12.2020
The Media Cluster is truly unique, said the Media Cluster Ambassador of the Year 2020, Olav T. Sandnes.

TV 2's Olav T. Sandnes was given the coveted award at NCE Media’s annual Christmas party for the Media Cluster members and partners. With great enthusiasm, Sandnes's continuous effort towards the clusters' larger joint projects and contribution has been essential for achieving the cluster's goals in an especially important year.

In his acceptance speech, Sandnes focused on the uniqueness and important work of the Cluster. 

– The Media Cluster is quite unique; it's pretty fantastic! No other Nordic city can measure up to what we're doing here in the Media Cluster. 

- A lot of the work in the cluster also has an underlying meaning with supporting democracy. I truly have a passion for the MediaFutures SFI center for research-based innovation for responsible media technology awarded to the University of Bergen and the Norwegian Media Cluster this year. We have grown up with the freedom to believe everything we see, which unfortunately is a privilege we can no longer afford. 

He also emphasized the importance of the effort of his colleagues, TV 2's contribution as a whole, and also the cluster organization:

– I share this award with the management group at TV 2 and all of TV 2. We are a Bergen-based company, and we will continue to be so. We have great ambitions to join you going forward in the further development of the Cluster. I would also like to thank the cluster organization for their efforts and work to build the Cluster into what it is today.

Ambassador of the Year: Olav T. Sandnes (TV 2)

Recap of 2020 – what has been
True to the tradition, the guests were treated to a recap of what has been a very different year, but 2020 has still been filled with new projects, initiatives, international recognition and innovation funding. Some statistics and facts from the performance in the Media Cluster through the last ten years:

  • 75% higher value creation than the national average
  • 60% higher job-creation compared to the rest of the industry
  • 4 times higher results (operation profits) than the national average
  • 50% of the companies receive innovation funding each year
  • 80% of members launch innovations each year
  • New companies are established at twice the rate inside the cluster

Scroll down to see all the recipients of this year's cluster awards! 

Networker of the Year: Rune Møklebust (NRK)

Rune Møklebust received the Networker of the Year Award for his systematic effort towards uniting the independent environments in the Media Cluster, both internally and externally, and for his valuable contributions in the establishment of NCE Media Stavanger.

Enthusiast of the Year: Nils Jacob Berland (Bergen Robotics)

Enthusiast of the Year is awarded to Nils Jacob Berland for his unequaled enthusiasm and determined spirit in collaboration with other cluster companies. Enthusiasm and collaboration are two valued qualities that drive the cluster forward.


Media Cluster Navigator of the decade, 2010-2020: Helge Høibraaten (Vimond)

The award for Media Cluster Navigator 2010-2020 was awarded to Helge Høibraaten due to his unprecedented long-term work and valuable contributions to the cluster community. Throughout the last decade, Høibraaten has contributed with a great deal of competence, knowledge, and enthusiasm, which has been key in building the cluster to what it is today.

Media Cluster Good Helper of the Year: Loek Vredenberg (IBM)

Loek Vredenberg received this award for his contribution to the Cluster, and especially for his exceptional effort towards the Media Clusters joint project, Norwegian Cognitive Center.  


Media Cluster Thumbs Up Award: Ingunn Ek and Øyvind Storheim (Kulturoperatørene)

The recipients of this year's Thumps Up Award is Øyvind Storheim and Ingunn Ek. No task is unimaginable for Storheim and Ek. Where others see limitations, they see opportunities. In a year where traditional communication efforts have been affected by major changes, Kulturoperatørene has led the way and been extraordinary advisors.


See you next year!
NCE Media would like to thank every member, partner and contributor in the Cluster for great help throughout the year, and we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all in 2021! 

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