Learn from the best in Cardiff & London!

Published 11.10.2019
Would you like to visit what will become one of the most technologically advanced broadcasting centres in Europe, experience Europe's first immersive cross-disciplinary space for 360º cinema, or deep dive into the concepts of Artificial Intelligence with leading British startup companies?

Join the NCE Media study tour to Cardiff and London on November 13-15 to learn from leading British media and tech companies, including BBC, ITV, AMPLYFI, Synthesia, and several others. 

The program will begin in Cardiff, Wales, on the morning of Wednesday November 13th. We will then travel to London by train early morning on November 14th, continuing the study tour there until afternoon on Friday November 15th. You will find the full program below, but note that it may be subject to change. 

The purpose of the trip:

  • Professional development and updates - See and learn from some of the best in the business
  • Get introduced to the British market and its opportunities.
  • Be inspired by the vibrance and the energy of the city (sleep is optional).
  • Connect with fellow travelers, create ideas for project, make evil plans.

NCE Media will reserve hotel rooms, and will make recommendations for both air travel and accommodations.
PS: If you plan to stay at the pre-booked rooms you will have to register by October 20!

  • Cost 1: Cluster members and partners: Free1
  • Cost 2: Non-members/partners: NOK 15.000
  • Who can join: Executive level management
  • Suitable for: All industries with interests in journalism, technology, digitalization, disruption, etc.
  • Available spaces: 10-15 

Send email to anne(a)mediacitybergen.no

1 Participants cover travel expenses and accommodations. Local transportation, full program, tickets and shared meals are all included.

The program includes:
(Please note that the program may be subject to change)

BBC Wales HQ
The new BBC Wales headquarters building, also known as BBC New Broadcasting House, is currently under construction, and will be ready to host 1,200 BBC employees once it operational. We are invited for an exclusive sneak peak in the new building, which is said to be "the most technologically advanced broadcasting centre in Europe", according to this article from Wales Online. 

4Pi Productions / CULTVR
4Pi Productions develop shared experiences merging narratives with technology that break free from the constraints of two dimensions.

CULTVR launches this autumn at its newly fitted home in Cardiff, bringing to the city a space dedicated to pursue genuine innovation within immersive tech. Fitted in a 10,000 sqft facility in Penarth Road, CULTVR becomes Europe’s first immersive cross-disciplinary space with a strong focus on digital arts, live performance and 360º cinema. This unique venue allows for immersive technologies to be developed, tested and deployed, exploring new methods for storytelling within immersive performances and presentations. Conceived by the award-winning studio 4Pi Productions, CULTVR opens its doors housing a myriad of immersive spaces including a 10ft and a 20ft stereoscopic domes, a VR playzone and the largest screen in Wales housed within a highly adaptable 40ft dome venue. Read more: https://www.4piproductions.com/

Synthesia delivers AI-driven video production. Synthesia can generate new, professionally looking video without the need for any cameras or hardware. The solution enables video translation without the creative casualty of dubbing or subtitling. Utilising AI to synchronise the lip movements of an actor to a new dialogue track the result is a seamless experience for the viewer.

Earlier this year, NRK Beta tested the technology on Dagsrevyen anchor Yama Wolasmal -- and the result is equally impressive as it is scary: 

More info on Synthesia: https://www.synthesia.io/

The Outernet experience brings together the epic scale of 360 degree 8K floor-to-ceiling screens with the world’s greatest storytellers and information providers. Commuters, local communities and tourists will enjoy a new experience every day as Outernet is refreshed by a carousel of broadcasters, video artists, news sources, advertisers and live events. More info: https://www.outernetglobal.com/about/ 

AMPLYFI has instigated a paradigm shift in organisations' abilities to unlock the internet – going far beneath its surface to harness its vast, untapped information resources. AMPLYFI’s purpose is to fundamentally transform organisations’ decision making, business intelligence and research capabilities by enabling them to unlock the internet for themselves. DataVoyant™, AMPLYFI's flagship product, is the world’s first business intelligence tool to seamlessly combine surface and deep web harvesting, artificial intelligence, and intuitive data visualisations within a single, integrated platform. Users self-drive DataVoyant™ to enable smarter, faster decisions. Read more: https://www.amplyfigroup.com

ITV, as an integrated producer broadcaster (IPB), creates, owns and distributes high-quality content on multiple platforms globally. ITV also continue to diversify their business through the opportunities presented from consumers’ willingness to pay for great content and to engage with ITV as a trusted brand.  ITV's Vision is to be 'More than TV' building upon ITV's unique and winning combination of creativity and commercial strength, driven by investment in data and technology. Read more: https://www.itvplc.com/about/what-we-do

StoryFutures (Royal Holloway University of London) 
StoryFutures is all about placing innovative storytelling at the heart of next generation immersive technologies and experiences, to fuel the growth of the sector and ensure the UK is leading the way. StoryFutures is led by Royal Holloway, University of London and is part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s unprecedented Creative Industries Clusters Programme. Funded by the government’s industrial strategy challenge fund and based in the ‘Gateway Cluster’ immediately to the west of London it is focused on delivering game changing R&D projects. Read more: https://www.storyfutures.com/