Nomono joins the Media Cluster

Published 12.10.2022
Nomono’s mission is to simplify podcasting and redefine the listening experience by enabling anyone to record immersive audio with uncompromising quality and ease. We are pleased to welcome Nomono to the Media Cluster!

Founded in 2019 as a spinoff from SINTEF Digital by Audun Solvang, Jonas Rinde and Sigurd Saue, Nomono’s goal is to provide storytellers and content creators with audio workflows that are smart, simple and deliver excellent sound, while making it effortless to incorporate object-based spatial audio into their craft.

– Our technology is built on years of research into spatial audio technology and audio signal processing, with the aim of consolidating a number of complex components and processes into a single "one button" approach. We do this by leveraging advances in AI, IoT technology and user experience design to provide operational simplicity with exceptional audio quality in any environment, says Bradford Swanson, Vice President of Partnerships. 

Nomono's headquarters are in Trondheim, with satellite offices in Oslo and New York. By joining the cluster, Nomono will seek to leverage the expansive network that is established within the Norwegian Media Cluster:

To connect with the most influential media creators, we have to be in Bergen. And what better way to connect with the vibrant media culture than through the media cluster. We see this as an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the growth of media in the Nordics, collaborating and learning from other companies who all share common goals and ambitions.

The company has received over 100M NOK in funding through seed investors including SINTEF Venture 5 AS, Skyfall Ventures, Spintop Ventures, Investinor, Schibsted Ventures, and research support grants from the Research Council of Norway, and Innovation Norway. The products and services are designed and manufactured in Norway, with a full-time team of 33 people (and growing) across a number of disciplines across hardware and software design, development, engineering and operations.

– Our flagship hardware is the Nomono Sound Capsule; A self-contained recording kit for capturing interviews in the field. It is designed specifically to meet the needs of professional podcasters and broadcast journalists, and offers a completely wireless workflow from microphone to cloud. We also build companion web and mobile apps to interface with the Sound Capsule and facilitate collaboration and powerful audio processing across production teams, says Swanson.

Nomono are currently pre-revenue, with their cloud software in public beta ( for anyone to try. They are gathering waiting list reservations for the Sound Capsule, and hope to be able to deliver the first units to customers in early 2023.

We were lucky to have Nomono present their product on our Show & Tell on 4 October. We are very impressed by what Nomono have created and are excited to follow their journey. Welcome to the Media Cluster!  

To learn more about Nomono visit: