Noroff joins the Media Cluster

Published 30.08.2018
Summer is over, and NCE Media kickstarts the new semester by welcoming a new member - Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media.

The Media Cluster is like a crystal ball to us, explains Beathe Due, tech-enthusiast and Pro-Rector at Noroff.

- It's all about the value of close industry partnerships. Staying close to the companies in the cluster, helps us anticipate the needs of the industry and equip our students with relevant in-demand skills. 

- Everything we do now is related to the digital transformation, which is happening across the board. And it is happening fast. 

Erlend Skar, Head of Bergen Campus, recently heard NCE Media CEO Anne Jacobsen speak about collaboration at a conference in Bergen, and was immediately excited about the possibilities. 

- We have a lot to give, and also a lot to gain from this partnership, he explains. 

- Our students need industry experience and internships. But, they can also offer real value to companies with new perspectives and fresh eyes on old problems.

Noroff competes with several universities and university colleges when recruitment of the future stars of the media industry, the cluster member UiB among them.

How do you stand out from competition - what is your unique offering? 

- We want our students to  hit the ground running when they enter the workforce, explains Rector and MD Lars Erik Torjussen.

- Personally, I think it is this mix of theoretical knowledge, creativity and hands-on training that really sets us apart. 

- Even our research is very practical and easily applicable, he adds. 

Noroff has campuses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand, and offers both university-college-level courses, and vocational training courses. 

- We have a long-standing tradition of working closely with industry partners to offer students real-life case studies and paid internships, says Beathe Due. 

- Every autumn we usually do something fun with our partners, students and our business community. We do this at the Bergen campus, as well. Last year, we teamed up with the Bergen Game Developers Association. 

- This year, we hope to create an event when we can engage the local business community, build relationships and create something new. 

Text by Hilde Gudvangen