Media Cluster CEO awarded the SMPTE Presidential Proclamation

Published 19.10.2021
The Media Cluster CEO, Anne Jacobsen, is selected by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) as the recipient of the 2021 SMPTE Presidential Proclamation. – An honor in which all Media Cluster members have an essential part, Jacobsen says.

This award was instituted in 1982 and recognizes individuals of established reputation in the motion picture, television and motion-imaging industries worldwide. In their official statement, SMPTE writes that Anne Jacobsen is recognized for "her contributions to the society and the media entertainment industry as a visionary, innovator, and mentor, and for her leadership in developing the Media Cluster in Bergen, Norway as a cradle of innovation and global knowledge hub for media technology".

– I am deeply honored and grateful for this recognition from the international broadcast community. Coming from small Bergen, in a tiny country way up north, it's quite extraordinary to be recognized by our peers in the global industry, says Anne Jacobsen. She highlights that the Presidential Proclamation Award is a celebration of all the Media Cluster Members and their ongoing and dedicated work to grow and develop the media industry.

– Our success is a team effort from hundreds of people, creative companies, a highly skilled and dedicated cluster team (photo), and many visionary industry pioneers. Over the years, they have laid the foundation, shaped the strategy, and grown the Media Cluster to what it is today - a leading international hub for innovation and knowledge in our industry.

Strong collaboration

With collaboration as the business model, the industry partners, academic institutions, research facilities, startups, and entrepreneurs work together to fuel innovation and product development. A recent report by Menon Economics points to excellent results for the Cluster with great synergies and substantial international growth. This is also reflected in the fact that the Cluster was gold certified by ESCA in 2020.

– The cluster members work together to innovate, create and strengthen our future as it is driven and shaped by technology. I consider myself extremely privileged to work in this environment, and I am grateful to be part of - not only the Norwegian Media Cluster but also the international broadcast community, as we all work together to innovate, create and strengthen our future as it is driven and shaped by technology.

Anne Jacobsen will formally receive her award at the SMPTE Awards Gala in November.

Industry leaders

Along with Anne Jacobsen, four other industry leaders are awarded the Presidential Proclamation Award:

Franklin Leonard, for his founding of the Black List, the company committed to shining a light on extraordinary screenwriting through its annual survey of best unproduced screenplays.

Kohji Mitani, for his long leadership of the NHK research and development department. In this role, he led the rollout of 8K and UHDTV, and worked to define and implement the future vision of STRL research converging AI-data, IP, and cloud, accessibility, and immersive media.

Jayshree Ullal, for her leadership as CEO of one of the fastest-growing cloud networking companies that enable the pervasive creation and consumption of video content worldwide.

Ava DuVernay, For the creation and launch of Array Crew, an equal opportunity platform with the mission to support professionals from underrepresented populations in the film and television industries.

About SMPTE: 
SMPTE is a global professional association of engineers, technologists, and executives working in the media and entertainment industry.