Four startups from the Media Cluster selected for the MediaMotorEurope programme

Published 02.12.2020
It’s a pleasure to announce that Visualyst, Factiverse, Scriptix and GlobalM, our Media Cluster members, have all been selected for the 2nd support cycle in the EU funded programme MediaMotorEurope.

The selection for the 2nd support cycle of the EU funded mentoring programme MediaMotorEurope has finally been announced today.

A total of 21 European media deeptech startups/scaleups have been selected, distributed across the four innovation hubs behind the MediaMotorEurope program: VRT in Flanders, Belgium, Sofia Knowledge City, Bulgaria, Thermi Group in Thessaloniki, Greece, and Media City Bergen in Norway.

The selected startups for Media City Bergen are AISpotter (Finland), Froomle (Belgium), DesignAI (Germany), PromoMii (UK), and Smart Touch Systems (Estonia). 

See the full selection for the 2nd support cycle here:

The hubs will assist the companies get to market in Europe and beyond through an extensive coaching programme, a series of workshops, pitch training, client introductions and providing demo and speaking opportunities at industry events like NAB, IBC and Slush.

The coaches at Media City Bergen are looking forward to working with a truly exciting group of companies, and we can't wait to get started in 2021!  

Startups from the Norwegian Media Cluster paving the way 
Among the 20 selected companies you will find four tech startups from the Norwegian Media Cluster. Visualyst, Scriptix (Netherlands), GlobalM (Switzerland), and Factiverse have all made the grade and is ready to reap the benefits of expert coaching and an extensive network of experts, potential clients and investors within the MediaMotorEurope programme.

– We're really proud of the fact that Media Cluster startups make out 20% of the total selection for the 2nd support cycle of MediaMotorEurope. Some of Europe's most innovative companies have been hand-picked for this program, and the selection is confirmation that our startups are paving the way within deeptech media solutions, says Anne Jacobsen, CEO of Media City Bergen and the Norwegian Media Cluster. 

Learn more about the four Media Cluster startups below: 

Factiverse (Norway)

Factiverse automate the detection of misinformation with cutting-edge AI and NLP. Their patented solution helps journalists and editors to fact check the news and automatically identify fact-check worthy claims. It saves time and resources and prevents further spread of misinformation. The technology is based on Vinay Setty`s research from University of Stavanger, Norway. He is an Associate Professor in Machine Learning, and founder of Factiverse. Maria Amelie is co-founder with focus on sales and product development. Their startup is empowered by Validé in Stavanger and serial entrepreneurs Petter Berge and Murshid M.Ali.

– We think it's fantastic to have been selected for MediaMotorEurope. We hope that this program will open doors to the European market, expand our network and learn more about the biggest challenges in the media industry in the future. It is also a good opportunity to get to know other companies in the same field, and find potential partners, says Maria Amelie, COO Factiverse.

Learn more:

GlobalM (Switzerland)

GlobalM specialize in advanced streaming technology turning smartphones into broadcast cameras using SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) over the GlobalM network CDN with SRT gateway technology. GlobalM is a provider of eyewitness news, reporter and video transmission services via a web and mobile application (Android and Apple iOS). Their unique software allows media outlets to quickly find coverage of live and breaking news and sports events by connecting citizens or journalists on the ground with newsrooms and media outlets.

– We are very excited that GlobalM has been selected for MediaMotorEurope. The matchmaking with media and creative corporations, as well as dedicated coaching and tailored support, will assist GlobalM to grow together with candidate clients in the media sector and with potential investors. It will also provide visibility and showcase the GlobalM advanced streaming technology. We are already a member of the Media Cluster at Media City Bergen, and is happy to also join Thermi Business Incubator and to work closely together with the hubs of the MME programme, says Lance Newhart, CEO GlobalM. 

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Scriptix (Netherlands)

Scriptix provide companies and partners with the best possible speech recognition models on the market that enable them to make their content better digitally accessible. Scriptix do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and work together with their partners and customers to offer the best possible customized solutions.

– We’re thrilled to have been selected for MediaMotorEurope, we are looking forward to working together with media companies to make audio-visual content accessible to everyone! Being selected confirms our belief that speech to text models should be customized to better fit specific use cases, says Frans Olsthoorn, CEO Scriptix.

Learn more:

Visualyst (Norway)

Visualyst helps the film and TV Industry process video for regulatory, technical, and editorial compliance through AI-assisted discovery and cloud collaboration. Our tool Visualyst ONE, allows teams to create policies, review video files against such policies, collaborate, and report in record time. Video content can be automatically scrutinized for things like nudity, violence, religious symbolism, alcohol and drugs, or sentiments such as hateful speech.  

– Norway has an impressive track record when it comes to media technology, and a flourishing startup scene where good ideas are sparked every day, but when it comes to getting a mediatech idea off the ground, I find there has not been that much mentorship or support available to mediatech founders outside of NCE Media and the Norwegian Media Cluster. We are excited to work with a broader network of media executives and experts through MediaMotorEurope and are very thankful to Media City Bergen for having pointed us in their direction, says Miguel Silva, CEO Visualyst.

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About MediaMotorEurope

MediaMotorEurope is a EU funded program which aim is to build a strong European ecosystem fostering media and the creative industries, with a large focus on deeptech solutions, such as AI and machine learning. 

MediaMotorEurope is an intensive mentoring programme that will help scale companies that have solutions based on deeptech and which can help solve challenges for the media sector, such as fake news, accessibility, UX and data management, among others. The purpose is to help startups and scaleups getting ready to work with major media clients and be introduced where there are real opportunities. 

Media City Bergen is a key partner in the project, together with three other media- and accelerator hubs in Europe; VRT in Flanders, Belgium, Sofia Knowledge City, Bulgaria, and Thermi Group in Thessaloniki, Greece. Athens Technology Center, FastTrack and F6S, one of the world’s biggest network of startups are also in the consortium. The Media Cluster Incubator, VIS Mediekuben, is partner with Media City Bergen in this project.

EU Advisor Kristoffer Hammer (kristoffer(a) and Project Manager Einar Kaslegard (einar(a) can answer any questions you might have regarding the Open Call or MME. You can also learn more at the MediaMotorEurope website.

 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871552.