Substantial Growth within the Media Industry in Bergen

Published 26.06.2018
The media industry in the Bergen, Norway area consistently generates better results than the industry throughout the country. Member companies in the Norwegian Media Cluster are part of a strong and dynamic ecosystem, that grows faster, sells more, and contribute more to economic growth and value creation than the norwegian media industry as a whole.

A new report from Samfunnsøkonomisk Analyse shows that the media industry in Norway, as defined by the report, counts more than 3,800 organizations and businesses, and has realized a growth of 67% from 2003 until today. As a whole, the media industry has a value creation of nearly 30 billion NOK. (Source)

The media industry in Bergen stands out in a positive way in most areas of comparison to the national averages and has seen a better development throughout the years. When examining the number of full-time employee equivalents, companies in Bergen has had a growth four times that of the national average. Sales revenues has increased approximately 65% more than the national average. Bergen-based companies did also return very good results in the same time period, but a few larger companies impact the average negatively and is therefore below the national average. Finally, the value creation, or economic growth contribution from these companies is 15% higher than the national average.

These positive impacts were confirmed in earlier reports (HVL/Agderforsk 2016, Knowit 2017), which also pointed to the significance of TV 2 Norway for the evolution of the media cluster. For years, Bergen has had a powerful environment for media technology, with large global market shares, world-leading solutions and a high pace of innovation.

Håvard Myklebust, Chairman of NCE Media, emphasizes that these figures are in line with earlier research and reports which illustrated the dynamic of the media cluster, and is pleased that the positive trend are now confirmed.

– This is an industry impacted by profound change, but where fast-paced innovation and smart solutions have made their mark, also globally, says Myklebust.

Chairman of NCE Media, Håvard Myklebust (Photo: Mediability)

The Norwegian Media Cluster, headquartered in Bergen, now includes more than 100 companies as members.

– What we have cultivated around the media industry in the Bergen region has its own, very special dynamic which results in rapid growth and value creation – and now spills over into other sectors. 331 net new jobs were created in 2017 within our member companies alone, Myklebust explains.

Deputy County Mayor of Hordaland, Pål Kårbø, points out that Hordaland County was an early financial supporter of the NCE Media cluster, and has continued to contribute to several cluster projects.

– The County’s role in the creation of the cluster, alongside with the Municipality of Bergen, is very much in line with our political objectives. The recent establishment of the Media City Bergen campus has contributed to an important co-localization of the industry, where NCE Media plays a crucial part. The County also contributed financially to the creation of the Incubation Lab in Media City Bergen, Mediekuben, which is an innovation environment for media technology start-ups.

Julie Andersland, Commissioner for Climate, Culture and Business Development in the municipality of Bergen, highlights the importance of the media industry in Bergen: 

– The media industry and the media cluster are very important for the city of Bergen, and the municipality has an excellent cooperation with NCE Media, which represents an industry that is both innovative and sustainable. I am convinced that the focus on, for example, Media City Bergen, has given the whole industry a boost, Andersland says.

Read the report in full here