Published 16.05.2018
The Future Bank: On mcb tech .18, Marianne Wik Sætre, Director of Innovation & Digital Channels at Fana Sparebank, will share how they use cutting edge technology and new tools to create new banking services, launching one disruptive solution after another. But the customer is always at center.

The Future Bank
By Marianne Wik Sætre, Fana Sparebank

Fana Sparebank embodies the vision of “close to where you are” by launching smart, digital solutions. Through their focus on the customer’s experience, and by leveraging their employees’ imagination, energy and expertise, Fana Sparebank has created and are delivering these new solutions at a rapid pace and with limited budgets.

Marianne Wik Sætre joined Fana Sparebank in March of 2015 to lead its innovation and development efforts with responsibilities for strategy, business development, and information technology. In September 2017, her responsibilities were expanded to include the bank’s entire digital area, now also encompassing the marketing department, the customer service center, and its digital consultants.

Marianne’s background comes from Frende Insurance, Storebrand Insurance and Capgemini Consulting.  In 2017, she was the recipient of the annual Sunniva Award, which honors women in positions of leadership. Marianne earned Cand. Merc. and Siviløkonom degrees from the Norwegian Business School with Master’s level concentration in strategy, organization, and change management.

On day two of the conference, Sætre will give a talk on how Fana Sparebank use cutting edge technology and new tools to create new banking services, while always having the customer at center.

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