The MCB Village at IBC makes it possible to meet new consumers directly from Bergen and Oslo

Published 03.07.2022
The Media Cluster would like to present the entire cluster on this year's IBC.

Media City Bergen aims to create new virtual / hybrid arenas for both presentations and meetings so our members can limit their cost of traveling, find a greener and more sustainable sales presentation without compromising on quality. For those who participated in the MCB Expo in December, it will be almost the same as this, but in addition we will also use the same  event platform that was used during Future Week.

We invite members who are physically in Norway to present in real time to the public in Amsterdam from BRIK`s NUVU's smart studio in Bergen and a possible location in Oslo depending on interest.

Let us know if your company is interested in presenting from the smart studio to a relevant target group during the IBC Fair - at no cost to you. Contact [email protected] for more information or to show interest.