Time and Date joins the Media Cluster

Published 19.11.2021
We are thrilled to announce Time and Date as a new member of the Media Cluster. There are good chances that you have already used their product regularly – unaware that the company is Norwegian and located at Forus, just outside Stavanger's city center.

Time and Date AS is the world's largest website for time and time zones. They offer numerous tools within their field of expertise, such as timezone conversion, calendars, and services that simplify organizing our lives, both at work and home. They also offer robust APIs that cover most calendar and time conversion services needs for developers. The company currently has 30 employees, including an editorial department of nine people, and they are always looking for talented candidates to help develop the products.

– Joining NCE Media was a no-brainer. Time and Date AS has grown consistently for over two decades and has maintained its status as one of the most visited and used websites on the internet by embracing innovations. We joined NCE Media to continue this innovation and knowledge sharing, specifically at a local level, with Norway's leading and growing tech and media businesses. We believe that open communication and cooperation are crucial for our success and Norway's future technological ambitions, says Steffen Thorsen, CEO and Founder of Time and Date. 

On May 24, 1998, timeanddate.com launched to the world. They attracted 24 visitors on the first day of operation.

Today, more than 20 years later, millions use the website every day. It all started with Steffen Thorsen's interest in clocks, time, and calendars. Thorsen also happened to have an interest in programming and started combining his passions. Online calendars and clocks suddenly saw the light of day. The story is fascinating, and you can read the complete version on Time and Date's website.

– Time and Date is one of the few locations on the internet where you can find accurate, factual, and reliable information about time and time zones, dates, astronomy, and holidays worldwide. While our focus remains on growing and developing our websites and eclipse live streams, we have lots more in the works. In 2022, we will launch exciting new products that analyze and create valuable and practical global data! Watch this space, Thorsen concludes.

We look forward to getting to know the people at timeanddate.com, and encourage everyone to check them out