TV 2 rebrands to meet the future

Published 07.06.2021
The media landscape has changed dramatically since TV 2 was established in 1992. Over the soon-to-be 30 years, only minor changes have been added to TV 2s visual identity. Now, TV 2 suits up in a brand-new look and enters a new era.

Partnering for mcb tech .21

“The timing for TV 2 to join mcb tech .21, as a gold partner, is excellent. Mcb tech is truly future focused, dives into disruption and has a strong emphasis on new technology – challenges important to our industry. That’s a conversation we want to be a part of”, says Olav T. Sandnes, CEO and Chief Editor of TV 2 Norway.

New design for a new era

The distinctive number in the colors red, yellow, green, and blue, have been welcomed into Norwegian homes for decades. Some may claim that it is more than brave to change one of Norway's most famous logos, but it’s absolutely necessary. This week TV 2 released their full rebranding story.

A lot has changed since TV 2 was first established in 1992 - especially Norwegians' habits. Today, people can choose content from Norwegian and foreign services, and decide for themselves when, how, and where, they consume content. The options are nearly endless. To stay competitive, TV 2 must be recognized as the digital multiplatform media company they have become.

TV 2's new profile therefore represents a new digital era. Throughout the years, the audience's habits and preferences have evolved and changed. The visual profile is designed to work across all digital platforms. TV 2's streaming universe will therefore be rebranded and become TV 2 Play.

Stand out in a competitive market.

The renewed brand and visual identity represent a significant change for TV 2. Their ambition is not only to renew the brand or strengthen people’s association with TV 2, but to capture the audiences’ heart through portraying the modern and diverse Norwegian society. Hence, TV 2 is committed to work even harder to gain the audience attention. 

The new brand is therefore a visual expression of TV 2s strategy. The changes will affect content development, publishing and product development. This is TV 2s response to an increasingly competitive global market, and to gain the audience’s attention.

In a more competitive and global market, TV 2 needs to stand out and be top-of-mind amongst the audience. The new brand will therefore appear more cohesive and be more recognizable to the consumers. But our content and stories are what’s most important, Olav T. Sandnes says:

“Our biggest challenge as a media company is to develop content that people really find valuable. Therefore, we must portray stories that matter and stories that people can relate to from their own lives.”