University of Bergen and TV 2 to collaborate on Studio MCB

Published 07.12.2017
The agreement will give media students access to state of the art facilities for TV production

The University of Bergen and TV 2 has signed an agreement for a new multipurpose studio in Media City Bergen. The goal is to ensure recruitment to the media industry and to contribute to the development of the Media Cluster in Bergen, TV 2 writes in a press release 

Per Aadland, CTO of TV 2 and Kjell Bernstrøm, University Director of The University of Bergen (UiB), signed the contract on the studio premises.

– This is a collaboration between TV 2 and UiB, where Vizrt and other companies in the cluster will deliver equipment and technology to the studio. This is proof that the collaboration in the cluster is taking shape, Per Aadland said after signing the deal.

Studio MCB will be up and running by March 1, 2018. TV 2 will operate the studio, and UiB will rent it for educational purposes for students in journalism and media production. The studio will be equipped with four remote cameras and a high degree of automation in the control room.

– This agreement will bring us closer to the University, and the students will get access to high-end technical facilities for practical TV production. The students will also get to work closely with both the technology and editorial staff at TV 2, Aadland said. University Director Kjell Bernstrøm went on to say: 

– We are looking forward to a close collaboration with TV 2.

Combined with practice studios on UiB’s own premises in Media City Bergen, the new MCB studio will entail a formidable increase in the opportunities that lie ahead for both the media education and for the DigUiB Learning and Communication lab. Leader for the learning lab, Kjell Øvre Helland, is pleased with the agreement.

– This is a comprehensive agreement between two of the key players in the media cluster, and it will be beneficial to students and staff alike. For us at DigUiB, the studio will provide an excellent opportunity to create high quality educational content, Øvre Helland said.

Full press release from TV 2.