Vimond is launching a brand new Trainee Program

Published 24.09.2016
Vimond Media Solutions is launching a new Trainee Program. The program starts in August 2017 and will run for a year.

Closer ties to the academic institutions in Bergen

Vimond Media Solutions is looking for talent to fill three newly established trainee positions at the head office in Bergen. Starting in August next year, the program will coincide with the official opening of Media City Bergen – where Vimond will co-locate with The Department of Information Science and Media Studies from the University of Bergen, among others.

– We are committed to establishing closer contact with the various academic institutions here in Bergen, and we look forward to bringing in young, talented and ambitious people who desire to learn new skills. Technology students nowadays possess great knowledge about streaming technology and streaming services from an end user perspective, and this knowledge will be of great value for us, says Kine Lunde, Director of Operations at Vimond.

Seeking students in the last year of their Master’s degree
Vimond are mainly looking for students starting the last year of their Master’s studies this fall, but Lunde stresses that skilled Bachelor students may be considered for the position as well.

– We’re looking for students who are completing their Master’s degree in the summer of 2017. The applicants should be experienced with and have an interest in programming, but beyond that we want to build our team with sharp and enthusiastic people who have a passion for media and technology. Master’s students in informatics or information science are considered prime candidates for the position, but applicants may have complementary knowledge in subjects like business and project management as well. Skilled undergraduates may also be considered – the most important thing is that we recruit the right people, says Lunde, and adds:

– The trainees will become genuine “Vimonders” from day one and will be integral parts of the team as a whole. During the program the trainees will be working full time at our office, and will be enrolled as regular members of the team after the program has come to an end. What typifies a Vimonder is that he brings new ideas to the table and is not afraid to take initiative. Creativity and the ability to think outside the box are highly valued at Vimond.

One-month stint either in New York or Sydney
During the twelve months of training the trainee will have the opportunity to try his hand at different disciplines within the company – development, operations, sales and internal workshops. At the end of the training period a one-month stint at either the New York or Sydney office awaits.

– Development is key. The trainees will rotate every other month and will be given the opportunity to develop and succeed in different areas. A candidate with an understanding of programming thus gets the opportunity to become well versed in new programming languages, operations and project management. We also believe that applicants will be tempted by the opportunity to work at one of our international offices, says Lunde.