Vizrt is revolutionizing video storytelling with NDI 5

Published 02.06.2021
Media Cluster Member Vizrt releases new NDI 5, a true revolution in video storytelling. For the first time in history, you can connect to any device, in any location, anywhere in the world.

NDI, the world’s most widely adopted software-defined IP video standard, now allows anyone to easily share live, high quality, low latency video with anyone else in real time, using billions of devices. This turns the whole world into your studio.

–  Free your live! NDI 5 is nothing less than a groundbreaking and disruptive change for live content. Get your live feed from anywhere directly into your production, no go-between, no dependency on vendors eco-system, its just there. NDI 5 will just change the way the world produces content, says Petter Ole Jakobsen co-founder and Chief innovation officer at Vizrt

Vizrt Group is the world’s leading provider of visual storytelling tools for media content creators in the broadcast, sports, digital and pro-AV industries, helping them to build a better-informed world. The Group contains three of the strongest brands in the broadcast technology industry; NewTek, NDI® and Vizrt. All three are united by a passionately held single, simple purpose; more stories, better told.

The release of NDI version 5 represents a true revolution in video storytelling. From the planet’s largest broadcasters to billions of smartphone users with a story to tell, NDI 5 makes it possible, for the first time in history, to connect to any device, in any location, anywhere in the world – allowing it to work with almost any video application in the world. Physical studios can connect to ones in the cloud and remote video production effectively becomes local.

NDI is designed to harness the massive creative potential of software and networks, allowing anyone to work with video – and have fun doing it. With NDI 5, you can easily build shows and share video between different connected devices.

Read more on NDI 5 or learn how you can download NDI tools and try for yourself.

NDI Bridge

New to the NDI Tools free download with NDI 5 is NDI Bridge. Forming a secure bridge between any NDI network regardless of location, NDI Bridge redefines the concept of ‘remote workflows,’ opening up a wealth of new opportunities for live video production.

NDI Remote

Also new to NDI Tools, NDI Remote allows anyone using just a URL to contribute live audio and video using an Internet-connected device, like a camera phone or a web browser, to another point anywhere in the world. NDI Remote allows anyone, anywhere to contribute to a show – big or small. 

About NDI®:

NDI® is a free protocol for video over IP, enabling better video for everyone. NDI software is in the hands of millions of customers worldwide, creating an interconnected community of storytellers. NDI allows individuals and organizations to access the benefits of IP-based, software-defined visual storytelling for a fraction of the cost of other complimentary IP protocols.

NDI is part of the Vizrt Group, alongside its sister brands, Vizrt and NewTek. NDI follows the single purpose of this Group; more stories, better told. #NDI, #NDICentral,, #SDVS