Vizrt pivots to Flexible Access

Published 21.01.2021
On 19 January Media Cluster member Vizrt launched a complete revision of their product offering to meet shifting demands of today’s media landscape. With Flexible Access, media producers can access several Vizrt Solution Suites on-site or through the cloud with a subscription plan, reducing the need for investments.

With Flexible Access, a recurring billing model, five new Vizrt Solution Suites provide a new and powerfully simplified way for customers to adapt their content production software tools and scale up and down to meet rapidly changing production needs. This provides Vizrt customers access to the world’s richest ecosystem of software-defined visual storytelling tools to help realize business outcomes faster while avoiding the need for up front, capital-intensive investments.

- Flexible Access puts the success of our customers at the heart of our relationship, equipping them with the flexibility to adapt to meet rapidly changing business needs. It provides greater control over their operating costs, lowers the barrier to entry, and accelerates their return on investment. Our new Vizrt Solution Suites make our solutions easier to access and align to real customer outcomes, giving our customers swifter and surer routes to value, says Michael Hallén, CEO and President for the Vizrt Group.

No content producer can predict how their business model will change, nor where they should invest to meet future production needs and revenue streams. To stay relevant, they will need to produce more content optimized for more media formats. With Flexible Access, media producers pay only for what they need and can scale their access according to how many journalists need creative tools, how many studio outputs are needed, how many tracked cameras deliver augmented reality, etc.

Flexible Access plans will be offered in the following Vizrt Solution Suites:

  • Vizrt Newsroom
  • Vizrt Extended Reality (XR)
  • Vizrt Production Control
  • Vizrt Media Workflow
  • Vizrt Channel Branding


Watch the VizrTV program Introducing Flexible Access and the Vizrt Solution Suites on-demand here.