Published 15.05.2018
You are now a Professional 3D Modeler: You may not know it, but by the help of newly developed computer tools, you are now a competent user of one of the most training heavy disciplines in modern business. Join Tenklabs in this mcb tech .18 talk to find out how this is possible, and how it will change modern industries.

You are now a Professional 3D Modeler
By Gustav C. Tresselt, Tenklabs

You will meet Founder and CEO of Tenklabs, Gustav C. Tresselt, who will introduce you to the opportunities that exists the world of 3D modelling. Tenklabs create human-computer interfaces and are not afraid to dive into new algorithms, new disciplines, or new sciences. Their aim is to anchor the wow-factor on solid ground, and to create lasting products that become part of peoples lives. 

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