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Published 13.01.2016
Media City Bergen™ is a leading, international hub for media and technology innovation, powered by the Norwegian Media Cluster, at last count, consisting of over 90 members.

The Norwegian Media Cluster is a world leader when it comes to augmented reality, graphics, visualization, digitalization, broadcast and television technology. The cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with Vizrt, Vimond, Mediability, the TV broadcasters TV2, NRK, the newspapers Bergens Tidende, BA, Highsoft, Sixty and The University of Bergen (Dept. of Information Science and Media Studies) as key players. 

The dynamics of the media cluster creates value worth billions 
The cluster in total counts more than 90 companies with a total revenue of almost USD 1 billion, and six major universities and research facilities among its members. This is a highly successful environment. Fueled by a unique way of working together, combined with the best tools, more than 86 percent of cluster members launch innovations every single year, including award winners and global game changers like Vizrt, Vimond and Sixty. The Norwegian Media Cluster enjoys an innovation ecosystem that works extremely well, with a high degree of joint innovation projects and high innovation speed.

Digital transformation
The media cluster is also of increasing interest to other players that are perhaps not your typical media companies. These companies also wants to part in the cluster and have a proximity to the media cluster and its competence within innovation, digitization, communication, business models and general media development, something most industries must now incorporate.

Media City Bergen™ - the hub and the heart of the media cluster
A large part of the cluster members, including 220 students from the University of Bergen and a range of different startups, are now co-located under the same roof in the new science park Media City Bergen™, in the city center of Bergen, Norway. Several other media technology companies working in a variety of fields are also located here – from 3D, animation, games, film and music, to mobile, app development, drones and sensor technology – are located here. The new science and media hub, spanning more than 45,000 square meters, is the workplace of 1200 people in the media industry.

MCB Media Lab
In order to power innovation, the cluster has also developed a media lab, a sandbox for innovation and research, as well as a hub for joint projects between industry and R&D institutions. Housing digital platforms, a showroom and all the best tools for innovation and business development, the lab represents a vital tool for developing a strong industry and enhancing innovation, as well as being a fertile breeding ground for new ideas and future successes.

In an era where change and innovation are key for business, the Norwegian Media Cluster is a success story.