IBM selected partner for Media City Bergen Media Lab

Published 07.09.2017
IBM has been selected as the lead technology partner for NCE Media. The Norwegian Media Cluster will build their innovation platform on IBM Cloud. In addition, all IBMs 60+ employees in the Bergen area will be moving to Media City Bergen in January 2018.

Photo: Stein Irgens, regional director at IBM,  and Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media

The new media lab is the core of Media City Bergen (MCB) and an important hub for the media and tech industry to develop new innovations and solutions for the global media- and entertainment market.

Through this partnership and collaboration, the developers in the Norwegian Media Cluster will have access to IBM´s open, cloud based innovation platform, and to modern, compatible tech modules, including the cognitive Watson technology. The members of the media cluster can now in an easy and secure way develop, test, and use this technology in their development and innovations. IBM will also deliver other infrastructure in Media City Bergen.

– IBM has long and extensive experience from media development for the media industry. Through IBM Media & Entertainment we are backed by a large, international apparatus and are in the forefront of the development. In Norway, we work with leading players like Schibsted, Vizrt and TV 2. We look forward to contributing to innovation and development through our presence at MCB, and I think that MCB Media Lab will be an important showcase for IBM in Norway, says CEO Arne Norheim.

The media industry is going through an enormous change. As part of this transition they are implementing new technologies to create spectacular user experiences, increased availability and new distribution platforms. New innovations and solutions are not only important to the industry, but are recognized and noticed also outside the media industry. For example, video technology developed in the media cluster for the media industry can also be used in industries like fish farming, oil and gas.

– We are extremely proud to partner with IBM. The totality of IBM's product portfolio and competence makes IBM a very suitable and much desired partner for the Norwegian Media Cluster. IBM is taking the lead with Watson and it's cognitive technology, and within fields like AI, IoT, big data analysis and visualization, and also natural language processing. All are essential to enable Media City Bergen's innovation and research projects, and to power next generation media services, says Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media.

IBM’s press release in full here