NCE Media partners with Deloitte

Published 16.09.2017
– We believe the media industry will be a frontrunner in developing exciting solutions for the next generation of business. The Norwegian Media Cluster is a leading example of this, says Dan Ison, partner and media industry lead in Deloitte North West Europe.

From left: Svenn Erik Edal (Partner, Deloitte), Anne Jacobsen (CEO, NCE Media), Jon Osvald Harila (Partner, Deloitte) and Svein Frotjold (Senior Manager, Deloitte)

Deloitte Digital and NCE Media has signed a co-operation agreement where Deloitte joins Media City Bergen Media Lab as a partner. The agreement includes joint investments, co-working places, product and solution development, as well as use of lab- facilities and meeting facilities.

Deloitte invests in the Norwegian Media Cluster, enabling global industries to benefit from world leading VizTech solutions.  

– Deloitte will contribute to the partnership with this cluster, aiming at making VizTech solutions available for a wider range of industries and companies, says Svenn Erik Edal, Energy & Resources Industry lead in Deloitte Nordic. Many industries experience significant growth in data and access to information. But all the data/info in the world is useless if you can’t understand it and use it to improve. Going forward, improved visualization solutions will be critical for digesting all the information and use it wisely to take new steps in the digital journey. Here, the world leading VizTech cluster of Norway can play an important role, he continues.

Deloitte Global will invest considerable funding and resources over the next four years to build a broader use of VizTech solutions in partnership with the Norwegian Media Cluster. Dan Ison, partner and media industry lead in Deloitte North West Europe, believes the media industry will be a frontrunner when it comes to developing exciting solutions for the next generation of business, from which all industries will benefit.

– The Norwegian Media Cluster is a leading example of this, with several companies, already today, providing core services to some of the world’s largest media companies. We are excited about partnering with this cluster, and look forward to introducing the outcome to our clients within the media industry, as well as other industries, Ison says.

Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media and Media City Bergen Media Lab is pleased to onboard Deloitte as new partner:

- Deloitte Digital was our top priority within this area. Deloitte is a partner that brings to the table an impressive breadth and depth of competencies and industry insights. Even more interesting to us, is the agility and provident attitude of Deloitte Digital, already working with several of the world’s largest companies on digitalization and business development in the digital world.

Matching Deloitte Digital’s end-to-end capabilities with the visualization and innovation found within the Norwegian Media Cluster, will enable us to develop the next generation of VizTech, she says.

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Deloitte’s Bergen office of approx. 150 employees will re-locate to Media City Bergen early next year, and Deloitte Digital will establish presence in the Media City Bergen Media Lab.