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Eviny is the largest renewable energy company in Western Norway and lead the way in developing climate-friendly energy and innovative infrastructure solutions. Together with their partners and the authorities, they aim towards a fully electric Norwegian society. To achieve this, they are engaged in hydropower production, energy transmission and fiberoptic infrastructure. In addition, their
operations include renewable thermal energy, shore power, EV charging network,
contractor services, internet and telecom solutions.

Hydropower is essential for a fully electric society and half of the European renewable energy storage capacity is in Norway. BKKs storage capacity is equivalent to 250 million large Tesla batteries. BKK's mission is to become the largest provider of electrification solutions in Norway.

Digital communication is one of the building blocks of a sustainable society and BKK has a long history of building fiberoptic networks in western Norway. Their fiber network is 4000 kilometres long and serves 3000 commercial buildings. BKK have provided solutions for modern and sustainable societies since 1920. Right now, they are engineering the connectivity of the future.


BKK: Rune Indrøy ([email protected])

BKK Digitek: Erik Korvald ([email protected])

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