Access to MCB Media Lab

Published 17.03.2017
The Media Lab is a sandbox for innovation and research, and have different resources available for students.

The Media Lab have a range of different facilities and resources available to suit all needs for innovation, prototyping and product development, including workshop stations for you and your team to use.
How to use the lab.

The lab is especially equipped for workshops, and as a student you are welcome to work in a well-organized environment, fully facilitated for creativity and innovation. 

The Media Lab's technology platforms and equipment are also at your disposal. It is important to note that the workshop area in the lab is an open office space, available to all members in the Media Cluster. Hence, the lab is a great place to connect with others and learn what other Media Cluster members are working on.

Send a mail to [email protected] to enquire availability.

Workshop with Marty Cagan in the Media Lab

We offer a variety of technologies that can be of use in your study projects. Some of the available tech includes VR-headsets, MovieMask, Holocap, IBM Watson, Projectors, microphones, streaming equipment and more.

The HTC Vive VR headset tested during a hackathon in the Media Lab

Opening hours:
Media Lab Office Hours: 08.30-16.30. 

The MCB Media Lab is located in the new science park, Media City Bergen, at the 9th floor of the 3rd tower.

Send a mail to [email protected] to book a resource. Please include the number of people that will be joining you.