Masters students in scriptwriting pitching ideas for TV-series

Published 13.11.2018
The students pitched during their internships at ITV Studios and NRK (Photo: UiB/Linnea Reitan Jensen)

Article originally posted by Department of Information Science and Media Studies, at the University of Bergen

Henrik Nitter Rugesæter, Simon Andre Kristiansen, Kristine Rørnes, Bob André Engelsen and Karoline Onsrud had their internships at ITV Studios in Media City Bergen, while Sigrid Kolbjørnsen worked at NRK Drama in Oslo for two months. They are all 3rd semester students in the Masters in Scriptwriting for Series Program, at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen, in Media City Bergen. The students in the masters programme have close contact with the industry throughout the studies.

At ITV Studios, the five students met scriptwriters, program creators and a dramaturg, and visited ITV Studios in Oslo for a week, developing scripts. They were given two tasks towards the end of their internship.

The first task was to make a proposal for a low budget series, and the second task was to pitch a high budget series for a peak time slot.

Both assignments were presented with concept documents the last day of the internship:

The South Pole Race
Kristine presented her proposal for a high budget series based on the competition between Scott and Amundsen.

Kristine Rørnes. Here she is pitching "Bobeldal flyplass" Photo: UiB/Linnea Reitan Jensen

Grey area
A thriller series about how far you can go before you become the one you chase. Henrik’s proposal was a high budget, peak time series.

"Gråsonen" by Simon André Kristiansen Photo: UiB/Linnea Reitan Jensen

The Green Shift  
Karoline Onsrud presented her proposal for a low budget series. The series is set in a municipality known for its bad environment. In the series the municipality aims to become best in terms of environment and save the planet.

Karoline Onsrud talks about "Det grønne skiftet" Photo: UiB/Linnea Reitan Jensen

Peak time series about the women who shaped Norway. Politically active women who have influenced the development of the country.

"Sokkel" by Henrik Nitter Rugesæter Photo: UiB/Linnea Reitan Jensen

Sigrid Kolbjørnsen participated in the organization of Nordic Series Days, an annual industry event for seeker-makers, during her internship at NRK Drama in Oslo, including a pitch-competition. There were many proposals for new series submitted, and Sigrid took part in the process of selecting the finalists.

“I read a great number of manuscript drafts and also took part in the evaluation of the NRK series “Blank”. It was two months of full-time work and a great variety of assignments, and I learnt a lot”, Kolbjørnsen said. 

Eldar Nakken from ITV talks to the students after the presentations Photo: UiB/Linnea Reitan Jensen

“You proposed very original series. All could have been produced and broadcast on TV.”, said Eldar Nakken, ITV

More information on the Masters Program in Scriptwriting for Series, at University of Bergen. 

Article by Linnea Reitan Jensen/UiB.