2017 – Year In Review

Published 20.12.2017
331 new jobs, 18 new spin-offs and more than 100 members. This is the results from the Norwegian Media Cluster, as we conclude a successful 2017.

This year had several exciting highlights. The Media Lab Launch at IBC in Amsterdam, our move to Media City Bergen, many important innovations from cluster companies, as well as awards and distinctions. Together, we made media history in 2017.

Chairman of the NCE Media Board, Haavard Myklebust, during the Media Lab Launch in Amsterdam in September. 

Huge interest for MCB
The cluster organization, NCE Media, has welcomed no less than 60 official visits to the Norwegian Media Cluster and Media City Bergen since August. Visitors included international media houses, as well as embassies, boards and a variety of business and political committees and delegations. They were all deeply impressed by the solutions from the cluster, and how successful collaborations between cluster companies provide world-class innovations.

CEO of Vimond, Helge Høibraaten, giving a keynote to the Association of Norwegian Editors during their visit in November

Not to forget – everyone are really impressed by Media City Bergen, the new headquarters of the media cluster, which have been built by Entra. We are proud of the international interest, demonstrated by the fact that the highly profiled Sports Video Group Europe has decided to launch its Nordic Summit at Media City Bergen in January, and to co-host it with NCE Media. 

Media City Bergen opened in 2017. 

The Media Lab is up and running
We are naturally also very proud of the new media lab, which is now available to all cluster members to use for the development of innovations, workshops and as a test facility.

The lab had its first “stress test” in the opening week of Media City Bergen, as the lab was host to nine events, hundreds of visitors, cutting edge technology – and plenty of great ideas. Among the events were a two-day hackathon and a whole day dedicated to all things VR/AR/360 - the VR Thursday.

A recap of the Future Week: Hackathon in the Media Lab

Commissioner Dag-Inge Ulstein introducing the Municipality of Bergens assignment for the Hackathon in the Media Lab.

Trying on a Hololens demo during the VR Thursday 

Deloitte's Svenn Edal giving a presentation during the very first Show & Tell at "home" in the Media Lab. 

More to come
Still, we have lots of exciting stuff to be installed at the lab, turning it into a tech sandbox. Our collaboration with Deloitte Digital, IBM and Sparebanken Vest provides access to expertise and unique technical solutions and opportunities - for the benefit of our members. 

Furthermore, we will strengthen our work with research facilities and academic institutions, and also work hard to make our innovation ecosystem to deliver its best to students, global tech companies, editorial organizations, startups and partners. 2018 will be full of new challenges.

Not to forget - the small cluster organization is not that small anymore. We have doubled in size and are now six employees, who will in close cooperation and collaboration with you all continue to deliver amazing results in 2018.