Published 01.07.2015


The Norwegian media tech cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with more than 90 companies, with a total revenue of almost 1 billion USD, and six major universities and research facilities as members.

As a member of the media cluster you’ll get access to all services and deliveries provided by both NCE Media and Media Region Bergen. 

See all member companies here. 

Vision: We’re actively working for the continued development of the media cluster in Norway, which aim is to be a leading international environment for innovation and knowledge development within the media tech field.

Located in the powerhouse that is Media City Bergen™, we’ve now established a world class media lab for cutting edge innovation and research, and will as well co-host a greenhouse with an incubator for entrepreneurship and business development. The media lab and the greenhouse is located at the southern tower’s 9th and 8th floor respectively. 

Our core task is to establish meeting places and arenas for networking and build collective competence across the professional communities in the cluster. This is done through a wide range of yearly seminars, workshops, Show&Tells, breakfast meetings, speed dates and other similar events and arenas. 

We have a strong focus on visibility of the cluster as a whole, as well as members of the cluster individually. We’re also focused on highlighting results from the innovation and development that happens in the cluster, both in a national and international perspective.

NCE Media focuses on internationalization for members of the cluster and we’re reaching out to various international networks. We’ve already succeeded in building a bridge to the US market through Innovation Norway and ERA. As part of the internationalization work, there are also delegation trips and study trips for members of the cluster, as well as showcasing the cluster at international conventions. 

You can read more about the membership here (text in Norwegian)

Do you want to join the cluster? Contact CEO Anne Jacobsen ( / +47 41 41 33 41)