Published 02.01.2017

The dynamics of the media cluster creates values worth billions

Value added through the media cluster is getting close to three-billion Norwegian kroner per year. In addition, the cluster spreads significant repercussions in its surroundings. This is stated in a new report prepared by the media association “Media Region Bergen”.

The report examines both value creation within and around the TV 2-environment, value creation added within the cluster's 85 member companies and the clusters own repercussions within information technology, media and design and other areas in the Bergen region.

Harald Schjelderup, leader of Bergen City Council. (Foto: Vidar Langeland)

TV 2 propulsion

The report states that TV 2 is a central force in this development. TV 2 has played a major role in creating important parts of the cluster. This has been done through the establishment of a number of technology companies that have enjoyed great international success. Proximity to TV2 has been, and still is, the key factor to the success of these technology companies. Also, for a number of other companies, the closeness to TV 2 and Nøstet, has been essential for their innovation, growth and value creation.

- The report points out how TV 2 has been vital to the development of many of the other members of the media cluster. In my view, that makes it essential that the future of a commercial broadcaster is quickly clarified in terms of the announcement of a new deal, says Harald Schjelderup, leader of Bergen City Council.

- Pleasant reading

There has been a documented growth in the cluster in recent years. The report emphasizes the dynamics between the technology companies and the media companies as significant for the growth of the business environment. The main findings of the report shows that the environment at Nøstet and the clusters 85 member companies with a total of 3899 employees, has a turnover of 7.5 billion and represents an added value of 2.85 billion. In addition, the cluster has led to significant repercussions in information technology, media, arts, and other areas in the Bergen region.

- This is indeed pleasant reading. Finally, we have documented the value of the creation in the cluster, and that is significant. In addition, the report puts value creation in a context which underlines the cluster's importance in a wider perspective, says Anne Jacobsen, general manager of Media Region Bergen and NCE Media.

Prospects for further growth

The report refers otherwise to surveys showing that the media cluster has a significantly higher rate of innovation than the rest of the business world. The report compares these findings with the growth in the business environment, the activity that happens to support the further development of the cluster and the development of Media City Bergen. This gives grounds for optimism for further growth in the cluster, the report concludes.

- In an era where change is a key for business, this is a story of success. Despite challenging times for the media, the overall business environment is growing and the pace of innovation is high. However, it is still a great potential, both within the cluster, and between the cluster and other industries. We will focus on development in the years to come, says Jacobsen.

Rector at UiB, Dag Rune Olsen.

Cooperating on research

The University of Bergen are among the players who want to contribute to the further development of the cluster.
- The Media cluster is a prototype of how the university wishes to interact with business industry. This report shows that the dynamic between media companies, the technology companies and the university, provides wonderful opportunities for innovation, says Rector Dag Rune Olsen at UiB.

- The University will actively contribute to further development of the cluster through research together with cluster members and the introduction of new study programs in autumn 2017 with great relevance for the industry, he elaborates.

Proud city council leader

City council leader Harald Schjelderup is very conscious of the media clusters significance for the city and the region.

- I am proud to leading the city council surrounded by such a fantastic media environment. Even in a time of tremendous change in the media industry, the various participants manage to be creative and innovative, which the report also substantiates, says Schjelderup.

- I will facilitate cooperation between the municipality and the editorial offices, and the various companies that make up the media cluster. And I hope that Media City Bergen will bring the media industry in Bergen to a peak, he concludes.

Download the report

The report on value creation in the media cluster is prepared by Knowit Experience Media Region Bergen. Download the report on value creation in the media cluster here. (in Norwegian)