Published 09.02.2017

Vizrt partnered Al Arabiya in creating a massive AR set during the U.S. election

Last November the world's eyes were fixed on the thrilling conclusion to the US Election. With increasingly powerful tools for visualization of data, TV viewers around the globe were presented with an impressive display of statistics, analysis and forecasts related to one of the most memorable television events in modern times.

The worlds largest augmented reality set
One of the largest news channels in the Arab region, Al Arabiya, which is part of the Middle East Broadcast Channel group(MBC), lifted election coverage to a whole new level last year. Partnered with Vizrt and Spidercam, the channel created the worlds largest augmented reality(AR) set used in a live news production. A number of Vizrts products were key components in the project, including Viz Artist, Viz Virtual Studio, Viz Engine and Viz Tracking Hub.

The AR-graphics were projected as a gigantic, virtual videowall on the MBC building in Dubai, and the Dubai Media City lake was used as a virtual platform on which to place graphical elements like maps, dynamic 3D-models, comments from social media and live poll results.

VIDEO: Vizrt

Data driven graphics
In the video above, Vizrts CTO, Petter Ole Jakobsen, explains how graphics are driven by data:

– Elections is all about data. Everything you see is real time, it needs to be real time and it´s data driven. So, everything you see, no matter whether it´s virtual reality or augmented reality or regular graphics­ – it´s always data driven. You can use our tools in a simple way: You can use a small amount of our systems and still be able to present the results of the election in a nice way. But you can build on that up till the largest installation we have, with outdoor graphics and what not. So you literally have a scale from very small, to as large as you really wanna go.   

Cooperation with Filmtriks

Content creator Terje Røkenes from Filmtriks were present on set in Dubai during the project and captured behind-the-scenes footage.

VIDEO: Filmtriks/Vizrt


ON SET: Filmtriks' Terje Røkenes

– I had some insight on the project before I started, but I wasn´t prepared for the magnitude and complexity of it all. It was a once in a lifetime experience to be present at one of the most impressive election coverages the world has ever seen. I´ve worked with Vizrt for many years. The close knit cooperation I have had with Orange Team (Vizrts marketing team in Bergen) and Vizrts Dubai office was a key factor in delivering a satisfying end product, Røkenes says.